Where can you ride an elephant in Phuket?


It’s true: elephant trekking on Phuket is one of the most popular activities here. And maybe you already put it on your “to do on Phuket” list. But there are more than ten elephant camps all around the island of Phuket. Which one should you choose?


We know that so many options may seem overwhelming. And at first glance, it appears that it is not so easy to answer this question.

We also know that you want to have the best holiday in Thailand ever. Sure, there is a big list of reasons why you might want to ride an elephant on Phuket. But whatever your reason, let’s focus on choosing the right place to go.

When you are choosing an elephant camp, you have to consider two things:
location and extra activities offered by the camp.

The various elephant camps are located in different parts of Phuket. It is not a good idea to choose an elephant camp which is an hour’s drive from your hotel. By choosing a distant camp, you will have to spend more time and pay more money to travel there.

Since all camps offer more or less the same experience, choose the elephant camp closest to your hotel.

Yes, all elephant camps on Phuket are almost the same. But the common Thai expression, “Same same, but different,” is very suitable for this situation. Why? What’s the difference? Elephant trekking by itself is the same in all camps. The same tropical jungles, the same Asian elephants, the same length of tour, from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

But some camps can offer you more than that. For example, you also can watch a monkey and a snake show in one camp. In another camp, you may drive an ATV to Big Buddha Hill.

Or you even can explore the whole Khao Lak National Park riding an elephant there. The national park is located in almost 100 km away from Phuket, and it will be a totally different experience. (Read about the Khao Lak adventure right here.)

Choosing where to go elephant trekking on Phuket it is about choosing what else you want to do, because not all elephant camps have the same “extras.”

Yes, we at Phuket Elephant Trails have our own elephant camp. But we also cooperate with other top-rated elephant camps on Phuket. You can see all of them on the map below which we made especially to help you decide which camp’s experience is best for you. (Each camp’s activities also are briefly listed on the map.)
Where to ride an Elephant on Phuket_z

But there is something else important you should know!

First, booking an elephant tour with us will be cheaper than coming directly to the camp. Keep in mind that transportation is almost always included. Even if you are coming to an elephant camp on your own, the price of the tour at the camp will be still higher than on our website. Advance booking is more efficient and allows us to offer a better price!

Second, if you book with us, we will find the best option for you considering camp quality, distance from your hotel, and the package you choose.

We really want you enjoy your time on Phuket.

Still haven’t decided which package to choose? Please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments below.