Royal Gems Phuket

Royal Gem opened its doorways in 2004 in Phuket and rose to be the main first branch in the southern region. With a significant quantity of tourists interested in the weather and shorelines of Thailand’s south, Phuket was a strategic place to open up the third branch. The facilities of the Phuket branch are excellent and may accommodate an enormous amount of tourists every day.

Heritage, commitment and excellence are three of the few motives why Royal gemstones global Co. Ltd. It is Southeast Asia’s greatest retailer of beneficial gems and souvenirs. The vast variety of precious stone products offers an infrequent magnificence which is synonymous with the phrase exceptional and represents why they are the leaders within the creativity with over 35 years of historical past.

They are renowned due to the fact of keeping the very best standards in unwavering fashion. The enterprise capitalizes on its possess expertise as good as Thailand’s abundance in expert craftsmen and women to design and produce one of the most unique useful stone merchandise with rubies, sapphire stone, topaz, precious emeralds, and delicate pearls. Genuine silver products and furniture also make up a long list of wonderful masterpieces which are being bought after meticulously being designed, produced, and inspected through skilled authorities. The focus on minute detail enables each of the products to elevate confidence in purchasers, making them believe the brand globally. Do come take a journey with Royal Gem and entirely experience these wondrous marvels of nature that is gems. Plus point of Royal gems Phuket is that it presents a lifetime assurance for repairs of all their jewelry merchandises. If buyers notice any manufacturing defects in bought merchandise, Royal gem stones will gladly reevaluate your piece for restore or replacement gratis.

Historical past:

Like a useful stone, Royalgems story took many years to form. The Founder, Mr. ThongchaiRochrungrangsee, developed his curiosity in gem production as a young boy at the gentle age of 12 from being raised around a jewelry manufacturing unit. As he grew, so did his eagerness and it was once best a matter of time before he was once old adequate to selling the merchandise being made in the manufacturing facility himself. His figuring out of the jewellery creation process from the groundwork up offered him with an imaginative and prescient of superb beauty that went on to solidifying his presence within the valuable gemstone industry. This deeply rooted competencies led to the founding of the first branch of Royal gemstones is a pioneer to promote helpful gemstones and souvenirs to overseas tourists.

The manufacturer has because improved from its modest beginnings to end up a household name and the biggest beneficial stone and souvenirs retailer in Southeast Asia working twelve months  over 2,200 sqm of storehouse around the globe.

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The enterprise’s principles and quality products had been well-known through multiple associations and associations worldwide, having received multiple awards and awareness from the Thai jewelry Fest club, the global group for Standardization (ISO), and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to name just a few.