Adventure Tours and Activities in Phuket

Adventure travel is a mindset. Some people can’t even think about having a vacation without doing something adventurous.  Are you one of them?

Before we start to talk about adventure activities and tours on Phuket, let’s make something clear. For some people, trekking around Everest is an adventure, but for those who were born there, it is an everyday routine.

Let’s have a look on meaning of the word “adventure” from a dictionary: “Engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.”

Hazardous and exciting activities and exploration of unknown territory! That’s what we will talk about when discussing the most popular Phuket adventure tours and activities.

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1. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving definitely fits the definition of “adventure.” It is moderately hazardous, and it is the exploration of the underwater world. Islands around Phuket are rated amongst the top 10 diving destinations in the world, and many of the dive centres in the area boast years of experience.

Diving day trips from Phuket to Phi-Phi Island and the Racha Islands operate throughout the year.

For world-class scuba diving and the really big fish, go for a live-aboard, two- or four-day dive cruise to the Similan and Surin Islands in the Andaman Sea.

The best diving season is from November to May, with whale sharks being sighted throughout this period.

2. Deep Water Solo Climbing

If you are not familiar with this term, just look at the photo below! It illustrates the concept well. It is when you go solo rock climbing above the sea—and after the climb, just jump from the cliff.

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Ton Sai beach in Krabi province is a well-known rock climbing paradise. True, it is not in Phuket and to get there from Phuket will take about four hours by bus or by ferry. But for real adventurers, four hours is nothing, right? Organized day tours available from Ton-Sai  or Railey beach, Krabi. Average cost: 24 – 30 USD.

3. Exploring Jungles and National Parks

Even though there are wild animals in jungles, this adventure is the safest option among the others. Firstly, wild animals attack you only to protect themselves. Secondly, in organized tours, you always follow a guide, who knows where to go and what to do.

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An adventure tour from Phuket to Khao Lak National Park is one of the most popular tours available. Here you will explore Buddhist temples in caves, observe fascinating views sitting on a typical Thai bamboo raft from the middle of a river, and ride an elephant deep into tropical forest. Find more information and book your Khao Lak adventure tour right here.

4. Exploring Numerous Islands

There are so many islands around Phuket, big and small, it would take forever to visit them all. You can take a joined tour; a variety of one-day packaged island tours is just massive! Prices for island tours vary between $40-100 USD.

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Some islands close to Phuket can be visited by canoe. Just rent one with a friend and go! Prices vary between $6-8 USD per hour.

Or if you want to have something more impressive, rent or join a cruise on a sailing yacht. It is not the cheapest option, but isn’t it a true adventure to live aboard and explore the sea? There are a lot of companies (as well as independent yacht owners) who run sailing tours. You can choose cruises from one day up to several days.

5. Motorbike Rides

This is probably the cheapest option, but not less enjoyable! It is quite easy to rent a motorbike on Phuket and to visit interesting places all by yourself. On average, it costs as little as $8 USD per day, plus gas.

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Nobody says that driving a motorbike on Phuket is safe, especially when you are not familiar with the character of local traffic. The number of accidents is quite high, so don’t forget to wear a helmet.

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6. Bungy Jumping

If you need a fast adrenaline boost, try a 50-metre bungy (bungee) jump: “The most fun you can have with your pants on!” The best way to find more about bungy jumping on Phuket is to visit their website:

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7. Cycling

Cycling offers a chance to stretch your legs. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy biking around Phuket. And it is a great way to explore the real Phuket away from touristic frenzy. You join a tour and ride in the countryside, meeting local people on the way, enjoying fresh air and visiting places which only can be reached by bicycle. Several tour operators on Phuket offer different tour options, from one day up to several days, with different levels of difficulty. This way, everyone can find something that is right for them.