Shopping in Phuket? – The best authentic products shopping guide!

There are many wonderful and beautiful sites to see here in Phuket. Unfortunately for our visitors however, the beauty of Phuket will have to stay right here where it belongs.  Sorry!  But you can bring some of Phuket home with you.  While you may not be able to fit an elephant in your suitcase, there are plenty of souvenirs that will fit just fine with you on the flight home.

You may be saying to yourself as you read this “Nah…I’m not the shopping type.”  But just because you may not want anything for yourself, don’t forget about your friends and family.   After all, they are most likely wishing they could be in Phuket with you, so the least you can do is bring a souvenir home to them.

We’re not talking about trendy or tacky items that you can pick up in any tourist trap around the world. Nor does Phuket offer you the high fashion of New York or London, of course.  So just what kind of souvenirs can you find here in Phuket?  Listed below are just a few of the authentic and enjoyable treasures that can be found only in Phuket (or almost only in Phuket).

Tom Yam Phuket

1. Thai Spices for Tom Yam Kung, Curry, etc…
These local and authentic spices are especially great to bring home for use when you start to miss the world-famous delicious Thai food that you enjoyed here in Phuket. Yum!Pants2. Thai Fisherman Pants
Why wear those boring old pajamas you’ve had forever when you can be lounging in the comfiest pants known to mankind?  Thai Fisherman Pants haven’t been around for hundreds of years just because they look amazing – they are incredible comfortable too! Take our word for it – try on a pair and you’ll never want to take them off.

Pros: Stylish, comfortable, and adjustable.
Cons: You may not want to wear them during your yoga class – somebody just may try to steal them!

Phuket wht to shop

3. Thai Rome or Thai Whisky
Phuket offers some of the best and most unique whiskey on the planet. Perhaps a part of your fun here in Phuket is because of these local favorite drinks. Take some home and throw a Thai-themed party wearing your Thai Fisherman Pants!   A guaranteed blast! PHUKER PEARL SHOP -2

4. Pearls
There is  a real pearl farm in here in Phuket boasting over 100,000 productive oysters! Beautiful and affordable, you won’t find a better place to purchase the purest pearls and dazzling jewelry on Earth. Some people make the trip to Phuket specifically to purchase these brilliant pearls.Thai Amulets5. Thai Magic Amulets
Don’t believe in magic? Doesn’t matter! These replica Buddhist amulets not only represent deep spiritual meaning, but are beautiful and authentic to the charm of Thailand.  And because they are replicas, they are very affordable!  Authentic Buddhist amulets can cost more than $300 USD, which attract collectors who are ready to pay large amounts of money for some rare and ancient pieces.  The replica amulets here in Phuket are just as durable and charming, but at a fraction of the cost.  Shopping in Phuket

6. Thai Coconut Oil
The Thai Coconut Oil native to Thailand can be used for many purposes. It adds just the right flavor in many delicious Thai recipes; it can be used as a natural lotion that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and a conditioner giving your hair a clean, healthy, and natural shine.LEather in Phuket7. Leather products.
One thing is for sure – you’ll never find a snake or a crocodile crawling anywhere near a leather shop in Phuket. Why? Well, at these leather shops you’ll find many products made of exotic genuine leather from alligator, crocodile, stingray, snake, and ostrich.   These leather shops are world renown for specializing in handbags, bags, purses, wallets, belts, briefcases, luggage, attaché cases, tote bags, shopping bags, boots, shoes and much more!

We are extremely confident that you’ll have a fabulous time here in Phuket.  And, we are equally sure you’ll find some of the most unique, authentic, and enchanting souvenirs that will be perfect for you or your loved ones back home.  Enjoy!