Top 5 Phuket Tours

Hello, dear reader! Are you planning your vacation in Phuket? There are a lot of places to visit and things to do here. Don’t rush! Relax and read carefully—I promise you will get your answers soon.

I have been working in the tourism industry here for almost five years, and I can say that Phuket is changing. I have met a lot of people who came here a second time after their first visit ten or even twenty years ago. They barely could recognise the Island. Twenty years ago, famous Patong Beach was just a fisherman’s village a few kilometres in length! Now it is a famous worldwide tourist’s city.

But after living and working here, I have noticed one thing which always remains the same: people of all ages and nationalities who come here for the first time pick the same tours. I can’t say why, but through years, the same Phuket attractions continue to draw the attention of first-time visitors.

Every man to his taste! I can’t recommend something that everyone will definitely like. But if you were my own friend, visiting Phuket the first time, I would recommend that you to take note of these five most popular Phuket tours.

1. Similan Islands 5363095825_b3afa2a1de_b

In my personal opinion, these are the most beautiful islands within easy reach from Phuket. The great explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau was one of the first people who highlighted this place to the public in his 1990 film, Thailand: Convicts of the Sea. Even now, the islands remain one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. Clear water allows you to observe colorful marine life ten meters deep, right from the boat’s deck. One-day and overnight snorkeling tours leave daily from Phuket from November to May. The Similan archipelago is a national park, which is closed to all visitors from May to November.


Tours leave daily throughout the year. Average price for a day tour is: $70-80 USD.

2. Phi-Phi Islands

16186506597_302cdf4967_bProbably the most popular place in all of Thailand since the 2000 movie The Beach was filmed there! A one-day trip to the Phi-Phi islands is a great way to spend your day out of Phuket. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and cruising on a speed boat among paradise-like islands of Phi-Phi archipelago.
The tour to the Phi-Phi islands became number two in our list while Similan archipelago is number one, even Phi-Phi islands are more popular. The reason is that the Phi-Phi islands draw a lot of tourists. Some people, especially after watching The Beach, expect an abandoned tropical paradise, but instead they find themselves surrounded by crowds of tourists.4975212738_c5d4a1cbd5_bHowever, the tour by itself is good. Just leave all your expectations and enjoy your day in Phi-Phi.

Tours leave daily throughout the year. Average price for a day tour is: $40-60 USD.

3. Khao Lak National Park

Undoubtedly, Phuket is a sea destination. But if you drive just one and a half hours from Phuket to the mainland, you will discover one of the oldest tropical forests in the world. A tour to Khao Lak National Park includes traditional bamboo rafting, elephant riding, visiting a Buddhist temple, waterfall and many more. I recommend reading the whole tour description here. Khao Lak tour from Phuket – description.
khao lak bamboo rafting
Another alternative to Khao Lak National Park is Khao Sok National Park. The tour itinerary is almost the same, but Khao Sok National Park is slightly farther away, so it is better to consider visiting Khao Sok National Park only if you are ready for an overnight adventure.

4. Phang-Nga Bay

Phang-Nga Bay’s amazing limestone formation rises vertically out of the emerald-green water.
Islands of Phang Nga Bay were a part of the largest coral reef in the world 130 million years ago. Dead coral turned into the limestone. And 75 million years ago, the limestone was pushed upwards from the seabed by the pressure of the movements of the world’s tectonic phuket adventure

These islands are the unique creation of nature. And if you are nature lover, this tour is right for you. Unlike the other two island tours mentioned here before, the water of Phang-Nga Bay isn’t that clear, the beaches aren’t that beautiful, and you will not have a chance to see underwater life or go snorkeling here.


But the scenery and experience you can get here is unforgettable and unique. Here, you can explore limestone caves and mangrove lagunas and meet its inhabitants, canoeing through narrow passages into it.Thailand_Phang_Nga_aerial_view_1997_3053_2Take memorable pictures in front of another landmark of the area: James Bond Island. The James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed here. And visit local fishermen’s village Koh Panyee, the whole of which is built out over the water on stilts, with a giant rock monolith guarding its rear.

Tours leave daily throughout the year. Average price for a day tour is: $40-60 USD.

5. Simon Cabaret Show

Enough day tours—too much of it can be tiresome. It’s time to go out for the evening! There are a number of evening shows performed in Phuket almost daily, such as “Fantasea,” “Siam Niramit,” “Afrodite” or “Simon Cabaret” shows. The most popular choice is the Simon Cabaret. The show has good entertainment value, and professional soloists dressed like Tina Turner or Diana Ross. It’s some of the most flamboyant fun you’ll ever witness. The majority of the actors are transgender, but are living life as beautiful young women who express their talent through life as cabaret performers.

Show runs daily throughout the year. Average price is: $20-25 USD.

If you are going to spend one or two weeks in Phuket, the best combination of tours will be a one-day island tour + a one-day jungle tour + an evening show. And if after doing it, you feel that you want more, just take one more island tour.

Have a good time in Thailand!